Forewords By Master Francis Leyau

I wish to begin by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to my late Master, the Reverend Sui Beng, for bequeathing to me his profound knowledge of San Yuan Feng Shui; and to the late Grandmaster T’an Yang Wu for his teachings as recorded in the last two copies of his invaluable publication, ‘T’an’s San Yuan Xuan Kong Feng Shui’. Not forgetting the late Master Yen Pen with his three precious books on ‘Theory and Case Studies on Yin and Yang Feng Shui’. Following in their footsteps, I believe it is my responsibility in turn to pass down the accumulated knowledge on San Yuan Feng Shui, as its loss will be a sacrilege to mankind.

Throughout my years of teaching, I have passed this knowledge of San Yuan Feng Shui to over a thousand students. Besides benefiting themselves, some have gone on to benefit others in teaching and consultation work. Nevertheless, I feel my method of teaching is slow and restricted to a limited circle, mostly people educated in Chinese.

Due to the tight schedule of my teaching and consultation work, I have been unable to teach more advance subjects. To overcome these shortcomings, I have now teamed up with some of my ex-students, who are professionals in their own fields, to establish the Central Academy of Feng Shui (CAFS), in order to make possible the spreading of this beneficial knowledge to the world at a much faster pace.

Students who have attended courses at the CAFS and have passed certain levels will be able to ‘read’ the Feng Shui of houses. They will be able to comment or give ‘specific’ advice, indicating for instance, the person(s) affected in that household, the likely part of the body affected, the probable month of the occurrence and etc.

This may sound strange or unbelievable, but if the theory and its practical applications are understood, ‘everything in this universe seems calculable, depending on one’s knowledge and skills.’

An example of this statement is that ancient people did not believe in the existence of germs in the environment as they could not see them with their naked eyes, until science came along and proved it with the ‘magical’ microscope. With the CAFS, a Research Section has been set up, which I believe will one day also substantiate and provide creditability to the tenets of San Yuan Feng Shui with another ‘magical’ microscope.

Many people are ignorant of the importance of our surroundings with respect to our well-being. They do not realize that our breathing, continuous throughout the 24 hours of a day, is keeping us alive. What more then do they know about the life-long interaction of our body with the energy of our environment. When we ponder over this, we begin to be amazed at the wonders of nature.

Why does a slight change in climatic conditions increase the number of sick people? The answer has to do with our body’s interaction with the energy of the environment and it is this ‘energy’, also known as ‘Qi’ (Chi) in Chinese, to which Feng Shui is linked. This energy permeates the air as well as the earth of our world, similar perhaps to electromagnetic waves. No magic, no superstition and no religion! This energy or Qi as we call it, affects all living things, and mankind of all races and religions cannot live without its omnipotent influence.

In Feng Shui, Qi is categorized into Heaven’s Qi, Earth’s (Environmental) Qi and Man’s Qi. Understanding the importance of Qi in Feng Shui enables us to concentrate on major issues rather that on irrelevant remedies. For instance, the placing of an octagonal (Ba Gua) mirror at the front door of a house will not be able to counter Nature’s mighty Qi. To hope that this puny mirror will improve a house’s Feng Shui, reveals a lack of understanding of the colossal power of the Nature’s Qi or its presence.

To create a situation, a combination or ‘synergy’ of different Qi is required to occur together. This interaction of two or more different Qi occurring together produces an effect. A single Qi by itself remains dormant. As an analogy, water is produced from the synergistic action of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which on their own do no result in any reaction.

In conclusion, I would advise that this opportunity to learn the invaluable knowledge of San Yuan Feng Shui should not be missed, as it will bring a lifetime of benefit. Together we can enrich the world and the coming generations.

Master Francis Leyau

November, 2000

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