Daimanda Tyna Huynh (Vietnam)

Graduted Business Economy’s degree from university of Saigon, Veitnam

She is a Fengshui and Destiny Counsellor who prctices Classical Fengshui including Face Reading, Palmistry and Qi Men Dun Jia in her analysis. She has acquired Master Yang and Yin Fengshui from Central Academy of Fengshui (CAFS) in Malaysia with Grand Master Francis Leyau; She is certified instructor in developing the signature course for CAFS in North America and Vietnam

Safrina Kadri (Canada)

Safrina Kadri helps her clients achieve peak prosperity flow in their home and office so they can make more money, attract the right relationships into their lives and live the vibrant and joyful life that they deserve. She is classically trained feng shui consultant and is a 5th-generation disciple of the Tan Yan Wu School of Feng Shui.

Cheong Adam (Singapore)

He has been appointed by Master Francis Leyau as Central Academy of Feng Shui instructor of Singapore.

In the year of 2009, Feng shui master and shaman Adam Cheong (Adam Truong) learn from Grand Master Francis Leyau, who was a good student of Sui Beng and also the 4th generation to transmit the original documents compiled by T’ang Yang Wu. After graduating from the above courses, he continued to devote a lot of efforts to conducting research, practice combined with field trips to experience the actual influence of feng shui in particular in life in many different regions. Up to now (2018), he has directly and directed consulting on feng shui yang trach and yin trach for more than 160 cases in Singapore and Vietnam, including nearly 50 projects to deflect doors according to the mysterious method and thoroughly solve many complex cases such as haunted houses, advising on fate analysis for more than 450 cases, and conducting intensive training courses for practitioners


Saikarn Karnchanapaisal (Thailand)

She has been appointed by Master Francis Leyau as Central Academy of Feng Shui instructor of Thailand.

Saikarn Karnchanapaisal (Lee) Have been studied with CAFS by Master Leyau since 2008. The first one of Thai students whom have been appointed to be License instructor in Thailand since 2012 under name Thaifengshuimastery which initiated by Master Leyau. Courses have been conducted in Thailand which are Xuan Kong Flying star and Xuan Kong Date Selection since 2012. Also one of the CAFS students whom completed almost all courses by CAFS as following – Xuan Kong Flying Star , Advance flying star ,Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection, Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui, Bazi, Advance Bazi, Palmistry, Liu Fa, San Yuan Qimendunjia, San He Qimendunjia, Yin Fengshui Being Fengshui Practioner since 2008 prior joined CAFS, after then applied CAFS method and provided instruction course in Thailand as well..

Goh Swee Ling (Malaysia)

She has been appointed by Master Francis Leyau as Central Academy of Feng Shui instructor of Malaysia since 2020.

With over 10 years of experience, she has been practicing San Yuan Feng Shui since learning from Master Francis Leyau in 2013. Her expertise lies in utilizing the principles of San Yuan Feng Shui knowledge to guide individuals and businesses towards creating harmonious and prosperous environments.
As a dedicated CAFS instructor, she is committed to coaching individuals in the authentic principles of feng shui, passed down through the lineage of grand master Francis Leayau.